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About Us

  To clarify any confusion that may arise between this web site ( and other websites which may offer similar products…
Please read on a brief history of the business.

  Alan MacKenzie opened a workshop in the Isle of Arran in 1976 primarily making bespoke riding saddles and range of traditional briefcases and travel bags. Over the ensuing years, due to the high demand, the bag and case making side of the business took precedence and by the early 1990s the saddlery side was discontinued. 

  In 1991 we opened a leather goods shop in Victoria Street Edinburgh, specializing in high end leather bags and cases. This became the main retail sales outlet for the bags made in the Arran workshop.

  In 2004 the Edinburgh side of the business was sold to the shop manager, who continued to trade in Victoria Street for a few years and then moved to Dundas Street Edinburgh. This retail shop has now closed and the business has been sold on to a third party.  They continue to trade under the name MacKenzie.

  Alan MacKenzie and the workshop in the Isle of Arran has now no connection whatsoever with this business or any other using the name Mackenzie.

  Bags and Cases made by Alan MacKenzie are sold exclusively through our workshop on the Isle of Arran or through our website.
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